APN Dukung MAPIN Selenggarakan Workshop di ACRS2013



APN bekerjasama dengan masyarakat Ahli Penginderaan jauh Indonesia (MAPIN) menyelenggarakan workshop “THE IMPLEMENTATION OF MULTI SENSORS REMOTE SENSING TECHNOLOGY FOR SUSTAINABLE DISASTER MANAGEMENT” pada tanggal 20 – 21 Oktober 2013, bertempat di Arjuna Room – Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel, Bali – Indonesia.




Spawned by the need to rapidly collect vital information for disaster management, technology innovations have often developed to track and monitor progress in critical response and recovery operations such as remote sensing. New remote sensing Technology has been introduced to the Asia Pacific Young scientist and early careers in the workshops. The new technology was consists of recognizing the new SAR sensor for disaster and global change issues and recognizing the respond planning and information obtained from Un-man aerial vehicle technology.

1. Learning the upcoming L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) named “PALSAR-2” for monitoring disasters, accessing global change and climate change issues. Lecturer introduced examples of disasters from earthquake, volcano, flood, and landslides fields analysed from this new sensor, and so did the case of forest monitoring to understand global change issues.

2. Learning the new data acquisition tool for obtaining high resolution imagery and its implementation for disaster management. Lecturer also introduced disaster monitoring and respond planning in 3D model and how the new information was obtained using UAV technology.
3. Visiting the Mount Batur and Mount Batur museum to learn the process of one natural disaster, volcano eruption and its disaster impacts.



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